New interest in Boston Globe?

When it was for sale, it didn’t sell. Now an investor group may be circling the Globe with a fresh eye toward a buyout. [...]

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Google Testing Fast Broadband at Stanford

In its first public trial of super fast broadband, Google is going ISP: bringing fast 1 gigabit internet to select residences at the university. A small national [...]

Outage Temporarily Stalls Netflix

Streaming is powering Netflix growth, but for a few hours Thursday, all the power went out thanks to a site outage. [...]

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Amazon Profits and Costs Rise: Q3 Earnings Out

Increasing fulfillment costs hold back an otherwise strong third quarter at Amazon. [...]

Google TV on the Blocklist?

Google’s Hopes of its TV software platform being a runaway hit have snagged. NBC, CBS, and ABC are reportedly blocking access to their content, for now. [...]

Farmville Finds the iPad

Zynga’s popular social game is now available on the iPad. [...]

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Mobile Continues to Power AT&T Earnings

With wireless revs up 11.4%, AT&T earned 55cents a share, in line with expectations. [...]

Kleiner Backs New Facebook “Social” Fund

Following success with an iPhone Specific Fund, KPCB will join Facebook, Amazon and other partners in a new Social Network centered venture fund. [...]

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EA’s Medal of Honor Hits $100m in 5 Days

Despite some pre-release controversy, EA’s biggest shooter seems to be providing a strong lead into the holiday shopping season. [...]

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