small-microphone   Computing and communication technologies have dramatically changed our world over the past decade. Everyday behaviors; everything from how we communicate with friends and loved ones, to the methods by which we work, to how we are entertained are changing.


Blogging…Cell phone videos …Internet delivered TV and movies…User Generated Content…Digital cameras…music players and portable video…graphics…gaming…GPS…DVR’s….


Like dominoes falling, each new technology is pushing the next, and as a whole, the chain reaction is quickening the pace in which more new technologies develop. At the same, there is a parallel acceleration happening in the traditionally slow and measured acceptance of technology by mainstream consumers and major media.


Metue is a business blog, website and forum designed to look more closely at these changes as they unfold.  The site’s focus is the convergence of media, entertainment and technology, and the events happening at that crossroads.  Metue is the business of media, entertainment and technology.


The Metue website provides coverage, analysis and opinion on current events and developing trends as they relate to this area.   Our coverage includes private and public companies, things just starting and things winding down, significant transactions or industry impacting events, and sometimes things further removed from the  radar. From the movie industry, to mobile technologies, from gaming to music, from publishing to earnings announcements, we try to capture it all.  


For those short on time, or that need just quick bullet points? Our "9 Lines" feature brings you up to nine headlines you need for any given day. It’s simple, quick, curated content sourced by our editors. We think of it as aggregated content the way it should be: on point, accessible, timely and uncluttered. There’s no spam, none of the confusion with crowd sourced data or buzz indexes. 9 Lines are the key stories, gathered by our experts and delivered front and center.


The intent of Metue is not to be just another news outlet, nor is it to be a forum for  product reviews. Metue is here to bring together timely news with unique business review, analysis and insight into current and future trends occurring across the entertainment and media markets as they are influenced by technology. We serve readers from Fortune 500’s to startups and from the individual investor to the multinational investment bank.


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