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Company Business Summary Category
Adaptive Blue Web 2.0 Bookmarking tools Web 2.0 Internet video contexual ad platform Net Video
Akamai the grand daddy of web delivery and infrastructure companies Content delivery services
Alexa Web traffic ranking information Internet
All Kinds of Stuff Popular blog from John Kricfalusi: animation legend and creator of Ren and Stimpy. Blogs
Amazon The 800lb gorilla of internet merchants; web services provider; and a whole lot more Retail
Aniboom Video portal for user-generated animation net video
AOL America Online - internet access; portal; and more from Time Warner Conglomerate
Apple Computer maker and uber tech toy designer turned major media company. Hardware and Media The Ask Jeeves search engine property; part of the IAC/Interactive Corp. group of companies which includes Ticketmaster and others New Media
Atom Entertainment Aggregator of online games; short films and video. Acquired by MTV (Viacom) for $200m Aug 2006 Aggregation
Attensa Enterprise RSS distribution software and tools. Content Distribution
DRM tools that create a fingerprint of audio components in Videos to compare and protect copyright Net video
Audiokinetic Middleware for game developers Gaming
babelgum IPTV company out of Ireland Net video
Baidu Chinese language search engine Search
Blekko Stealth Search Start Up. Also at Search
Blogger Barter A new site providing a forum and exchange of how to information for bloggers Web 2.0
Ballena Technologies 3d stadium seating maps event tickets
Bebo Bebo is a Social Network that gained traction in the UK and secured $15m from Benchmark Europe Social Networks
Big Bear Entertainment Music Video Clip Authoring and Services Net Video
Bit Torrent Groundbreaking post kazaa peer to peer technology turned media distribution platform New Media
Bit wine Ad hoc professional advice. Have expert knowledge- set a per minute rate an answer peoples questions - site shares the revenue with you Social Networks
Bix Social Network based on user content (video- music- print) and comparitive polls and contests. e.g. upload a video of your singing and compete against another singer on a virtual American Idol Social Networks
Blinkz Video search services Net Video
Blip tv Video blogging platform Net Video
Blockbuster Video rental - online and in store Movie Industry
Blue Puse Mobile social network Social Network
Blurb Book publishing from blog or other web content. Create your own publication. print it. share it. sell it Publishing
Boing Boing Popular blog on tech Blogs
Bolt Online portfolio - YouTube plus pics etc Net Video
Boompa Social Network and portfolio for car enthusiasts Web 2.0
Box Office Mojo Box office and movie industry info. More than 1m page views per month Movie Industry
BrightCove Internet tv and net video Net Video
Building B Set Top box hardware and video on demand Service Video Hardware
Buy Music Online music from Net Music
Buzz Logic Marketing and PR informatics New Media
Cafe Press Print-on-demand merchant and community storefront Retail
Cast TV Video search startup Net Video
CBS Tv and other properties spun off from Viacom in 2005 Television
Chow Food and entertainment portal from CNET Content
CinemaNow On-demand and download-to-burn (electronic sell-through) full length from major content licensors Net Video
Cinematical Movie industry blog from the Weblogs network which is owned by AOL. Blogs Interface platform for Net Video that allows users to interact and annotate a video -- video tagging 2.0 Net Video
Clickz New Media and internet marketing info Marketing
Clip Shack Net Video hosting and sharing (eg/ YouTube competitor) Net Video
Comic Book Resources Comic book industry magazine - notable for film buffs given how often comic based stories influence big Hollywood film making Publishing
Corbis Stock photo agency. Publishing
Core 77 Industrial design content and information Blogs
Crazy Egg Visual web obtimization tools - see user behavior and optimize site accordingly Marketing
Current TV Net Video company focused on delivering news. Community influence helps set the playlist and the programming is displayed on cable/satellite television - not just the net. Net Video
Dabble Net Video aggregator that indexes metadata and allows users to leave annotations or correct mistakes Net Video
Dailymotion S.A. French video site with global audience Net Video
Daytrotter Free MP3s and music promotion - an indie music site and studio that gives bands a showcase for reworked or new recordings and gives fans added info and exposure to the musicians Music Industry The pioneer of "social bookmarking" - shareable online bookmarks Web 2.0
Digital Smiths Video search and contextual advertising technology Net Video
Digg News Aggregator Web 2.0
Diigo Web annotation platform. Browser plugin allows users to leave notes and annotations on webpages Web 2.0
Disney Parent of ABC. ESPN. Disney films. Pixar and theme parks. Conglomerate
DM10 Internet video sydication service in europe Net Video
Dovetail Distribution platform for professional film and tv programming; particularly independent film. Net Video
Dreamworks Animation Independent feature animation company Movie Industry
Ear Feeder (Sonic Swap) Software that indexes and shares playlists Net music
Ebay Online auction powerhouse; home of Paypal and Skype New Media
Echomusic Direct to Fan music ticket sales and marketing Music Industry
Edgecast Content Delivery Network services for online content distribution Content Distribution
Edgio Social bookmarking/clipping service with shared revenue component (Now shut down) Web 2.0
Ejamming Collaborative/network tools for musicians that create a real time network music studio. Bass player in LA - Guitarist in San Francisco - no problem Music Industry
Electronic Arts The grand daddy of game publishers Gaming
Elevation Partners Private equity fund from Roger McNamee Bono and the people from Silver Lake Partners. Firm is focused on Entertainment and Technology Private Equity
EMI Music powerhouse and one of the "big 4" record labels; based in the UK Music Industry
Engadget Product blog from Weblogs; owned by AOL Blogs
Engage Social Network and dating site Novelty
Eventful Online service which enables users to find and post local events anywhere in the world. Social Networks
Exabre Parent of "The Filter";provide content discovery tools Search
EyeSpot Web video editing tools Net Video
Facebook Social Network that uses college campus/student affiliations as its primary hook Social Networks Photosharing and music sharing on any website Photo Sharing
Famster Private Social Network for your family Social Networks
Fanpop Social Network organized around topics of interest to groups of members Social Networks
Federated Media Publishing Advertising and marketing network for independent authors/bloggers/content providers. Like DoubleClick for the blogosphere Marketing
Feed Burner Blog management tools. RSS and advertising network Blogs
56.Com Chinese net video sharing site Net Video
Film Loop Photocasting platform and community (eg. Tools to build an interactive slideshow and share it) Photo Sharing
Films 101 Another movie database. This one tracks ranks ratings and reviews from award lists and reviews. Blogs
The Filter Music discovery software from Exabre Music Industry
Five Across Rapid development software platform for building Social Networks and affinity marketing communities. Acquired by Cisco Feb 2007 Social Networks
Flash Seats Online paperless ticketing service Event Tickets
Fleck web annotation platform via browser plugin which allows users to leave notes and annotations on webpages Web 2.0
Flickr Pioneer of Web 2.0 online photo management and sharing applications. Acquired by Yahoo Photo Sharing
Flixster Social Network and review site for movie fans Social Networks
Fliqz Net Video hosting and sharing (e.g. YouTube competitor) Net Video
Fortium Technologies Copy protection and video identification technology Net Video
Fotolog Photo Sharing social network Photo Sharing
Freakonomics Popular blog from the economist and writer behind the best selling book Freakonomics Blogs
FSU Rules Social Network for college sports fans focused on one university at a time Social Networks
Funny or Die Net Video site focused on comedy shorts and skits, many from A list comedic talent Net Video
Gannett Publisher with interests in newspapers including USA Today. television and the internet. Publishing
Gather ad supported Social Network for grownups. The town commons for subjects of their choosing. Social Networks
Gawker Media Online Blog Network that is the parent company for 14 different weblogs including; Defamer; Fleshbot; Deadspin; Wonkette;and Gizmodo. Blogs
Getty Images stock photo agency. (Now Privatized) Publishing
Glassdoor Social Network Service Social Network
GoFish Net Video hosting and sharing (eg/ YouTube competitor) Net Video
Good Reads Social Network about books for people who like to read Social Network
Google Search giant; archive for everything with more free tools being offered regularly New Media
Gracenote Home of the CDDB music database; the repository of song and album info licensed by many music gadgets and websites- including iTunes Music Industry
Guba Net Video hostinng and distribution - both licensed content and User Generated Content Net Video





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