magnify-small Ever wonder who does that voice on a commercial belong to? Ever ask if that was what’s-her-name in that magazine ad?


It’s a Billboard Nation. Turn on the TV and that voice selling cars may be one you know. Similarly, open a magazine and chances are you’ll see a recognizable face on the pages hawking a product.  


Part amusement, part curiosity, the Metue Endorsement Sheet is a list tracking who’s been endorsing what. It’s all about Celebrititizing: celebrity advertising.


The Endorsement Sheet, like Metue’s corporate Watchlist, is presented alphabetically on three pages.  The lists on the pages are all sortable. That means by  clicking the column headings in each individual table the list will re–sorted to reverse the presentation A→Z or Z→A as is common in most spreadsheet applications. (Do note: this functionality relies on JavaScript and may not work in some browsers, or may be blocked by your browser’s security features dependent on the extent to which you have them activated.)


The list is a work in progress and not updated as often as we’d like.  If you notice someone missing, know someone that should belong on the list, or spot something needing a change,  please don’t hesitate to contact me with the form on the Contact me Page.  


The Lists:


Endorsement Sheet A-G


Endorsement Sheet H-P


Endorsement Sheet Q-Z