magnify-small   From startups to international conglomerates, the sheer number of companies involved in the Media Entertainment and Technology industries is massive.


In my efforts to stay informed and on top of current events and breaking news, I have built, and maintain, a large database of companies.  This watchlist is more than just a list of weblinks, it includes that information, but also,  a brief description of what the businesses do and a category assignments for their market segment.


As a service to readers, I am making a version of the list (with links to the company’s websites) available on individual pages of Metue. 


While, I do my best to keep it current and complete, this list is always a work in progress.  I am often adding to it, and am not always as current as I would like in updating what is already on it. If you notice a company that should belong on the list, or something needing a change,  please don’t hesitate to contact me with the form on the Contact me Page.  


The Watchlist is presented alphabetically on three pages.  The lists on these pages are all sortable. That means by  clicking the column headings on each individual table the list can be re–sorted to reverse the presentation A→Z or Z→A as is common in most spreadsheet applications. Do note: this functionality relies on JavaScript and may not work in some browsers, or may be blocked by your browser’s security features dependent on the extent to which you have them activated.   The Lists:


The Lists:


Watchlist A-G


Watchlist H-P


Watchlist Q-Z


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