Netflix TKOs Blockbuster this Quarter

You can’t call a two horse race until both horses have crossed the finish line. 

fightWhen Netflix released earnings about a week ago, things looked good, surprisingly good,  but a comparative assessment with movie rental competitor Blockbuster was missing.  Absent that comparison it was impossible to say whether Netflix gained ground individually, or the movie rental business did well as a whole.

After the close of markets Thursday, Blockbuster released their earnings.  Now the asterisk can come off Netflix’ returns.  The results are in.   It’s official.  In the battle for movie rental dollars, investors can officially chalk the quarter up as a win for Netflix and a loss for Blockbuster.  

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Electronic Arts looks Up

Sometimes bad news is actually good news in disguise. That the case at game publisher Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS). Thursday, EA released their earnings report for the 2nd quarter 2007. Relative to the same quarter last year revenue was down and earnings went from the black to the red but the bad news was good, really.

EA posted a net loss of 62cents a share ($195m) on revenue of $640m but a significant part of the loss was due to changes in accounting practices regarding revenue recognition. Click to Read More

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