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Facebook To Simplify Privacy Controls

In the late 90’s, there was periodic uproar over privacy issues coming from then developing internet marketing practices.  A decade later, some of the old lessons are still being revisited, some of them relearned.

Amid growing concern and outrage from users over privacy controls, Facebook announced Wednesday that it will implement a much more simplified privacy management environment for its users.

“A lot of people are upset with us,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged at a press conference.

“One of the big takeaways is just don’t mess with privacy stuff for a long time,” he added.

No brainer there….You might  have thought the lesson was learned when Facebook rolled out its social advertising system, Beacon, in 2007.  But maybe not. 

According to Facebook, the new privacy changes will consolidate ten settings currently on three separate pages to a single page interface.  The settings required to make user info totally private will shrink from near fifty to fifty.

Facebook says the changes will roll out in the coming weeks.

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