Microsoft and Yahoo: Still Waiting

msft yhooIn early April, Microsoft issued Yahoo an ultimatum.  By April 26th, one way or another, Microsoft pledged, there’d be a decision.  Either Yahoo would accept, Microsoft would take their buyout offer to the shareholders, or they’d walk. Something would happen.  April 26th, along with earnings announcements from all relevant players, came and went.  The ultimatum deadline rang out with all the import of a fire drill in an empty building.

Today, its five days since the deadline’s expiration and we’re still waiting. When I searched for Yahoo with a Google News Search, I found 498 articles linked to the first hit.    That’s a lot of baited breath.

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Cracking Release Windows: Apple, WB Shift the Movie Industry

cracking windowApple announced this morning (press release) they will be getting select videos on iTunes the same day the films are released on DVD.  That news is getting the headlines, and deservedly so, it’s a big story and coup for Steve Jobs and team, but there’s a bigger story locked within the soundbytes.  It’s a story about Hollywood and a modernizing movie industry.   It’s a coming of age film.  It’s a story about distribution technology and profit margins, about the old guard accepting and embracing the new.  If there were a trailer to watch, the voice over would talk about throwing stones through the leaded glass of old traditions.  It might close: “Broken Windows, coming soon to the Internet theater nearest you.”

The “windows” in reference are release windows, the prescribed time gaps between which films are aired over different media.  Click to Read More

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