qmark    “What’s in a name” said Shakespeare.  Well, in the case of Metue, Metue is an acronym. The first three letters stand for Media Entertainment and Technology.  The last  U and E are more subjective. They stand for any of several things including “Unwrapped and Examined” or “User Experience” or whatever you can come up with.


Originally, when first launched as a single author blog, a number of names were considered. Irreverent Investor a play on the title of a famous book was one idea.  That seemed too narrow.  Metue is about more than investing, even though the intent is, like the book , to try and analyze things orderly and intelligently .  Another idea was to name it after a principal that inspired Archimedes, to run naked through the streets screaming “eureka” but that homage to breakthroughs was written off as too obscure.


Ultimately after much coffee and too little sleep, Metue was chosen.  It rolls off the tongue and it’s easy to remember. Just remember, it’s pronounced ME-2 (mee-tooo)  even if it’s spelled a little bit like you’re spitting something out.  


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