plane advertising image      Metue is an advertising supported website catering to business savvy readers interested in media, entertainment and technology. Our audience samples from all over the world and ranges from students to professionals, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Our readers have an interest and passion in technology and entertainment. If you are interested in reaching this audience please contact us using the form on the Contact page or send an email to advertising (at) In the email, please be as specific as possible about your interest and needs.


Ad Standards

The size and placement of advertising on Metue is flexible. We use IAB standard ad sizes and are capable of displaying a campaign site-wide, or on specific pages of our site (front page, 9 Lines, Charts, Article Pages etc). Our rates cards are subject to change as are our minimum purchase commitments. Please contact us with your needs and we’d be happy to discuss a solution.


Some of the standard ad formats we offer include:

  • "Leaderboards" (728×90 or 468×60 "half banners") displayed "above the fold" on the site’s masthead region.
  • "Skyscrapers" (120×600) and "Wide Skyscrapers" (160×600)
  • "Rectangles" (300×100), "Medium Rectangles" (300×250) and "Large Rectangles" (336×280)
  • “Cubes” (125 x 125)


We are capable of assisting with graphic design OR a buyer may use their own creative.

On a selective basis, ads may also be included directly in content, placed within Metue graphics, or placed as text ads in alternate locations throughout the site.


Link Exchanges and other forms of Advertising:

If interested in link exchanges, cross-promotion or other forms of advertising not mentioned above please contact us.


Thank you for your interest in advertising on Metue.

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