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   Do you want or need to stay on top of what’s happening in the world but feel like the number of hours in the day just aren’t enough to parse all the info? We know that feeling!


To stay on top of the events in our industry, we scan hundreds to thousands of press releases and headlines everyday. And that’s not to count the emails that dump on top of the digital pile. Sure, it’s part of our job but that doesn’t’ make it any less overwhelming. As the old adage goes "we’re swimming in information but thirsting for knowledge." Each day the information pile just keeps getting bigger. We understand.


9 Lines is Metue’s effort to try and help. Information overload isn’t going away but we figure we can at least make it more manageable. 9 Lines is a quick list of must-see headlines. It’s the few snippets that will keep you in the know.


Unlike crowd-sourced news aggregators where the mix is inconsistent, or buzz indexes that focus purely on trends, 9 Lines is a collection drawn by our skilled editors to specifically suit our audience. It’s curated content. Think of it like the front page of a paper, we pick out what is most notable. All the stories are pulled from the headlines and releases we review. Up to nine a day (hence the name) are grabbed, quickly summarized and displayed. And for each of the nine, we provide three links to deeper reporting.


We figure we can’t write every article we want, and we know there aren’t resources to report on every story we think noteworthy, but with 9 Lines we can make sure our readers don’t miss anything even if we didn’t cover it ourselves. That’s 9 Lines. It’s the information you need, quick and accessible. Don’t miss a beat.


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