graphics-icon      These Graphics on the site are cool, where’d  do you find them? And what about Copyrights?

Copyright questions and other legal issues are addressed in detail on the Copyright and Terms of Service pages.


As for the graphics: Thank you. In most cases, the artwork or images shown on Metue were made in house as original works.  Occasioonaly, we use pictures from royalty-free stock photo agencies.  These images, if and when used, are usually employed as a canvas that can be painted as needed to suit the site’s needs.  We strive to have all graphics be unique to the site.  When licensed stock photos are used, whether modified or (if in a rare case or two) used as an original, the use of these pictures is subject to the license agreements from the sites that provided them.  More on the licenses and copyrights can be found on the Copyright and Terms of Service pages.



mac-icon   How’d you build the site? What web tools did you use?

We are sometimes asked about the mechanics of the website.  “what did you use” “how was this done” etc.  I’d like to say it’s all proprietary and trade secrets, but for those inquiring, the Metue site owes a tremendous debt to open-source applications.  Metue is proudly built on the Wordpress open source platform.  It runs on a LAMP server-  which stands for Linux, Apache, MySql and PhP – all also open-source platforms.  Within the framework of Wordpress, we use a handful of plugins – some custom and some open source. For design, the layout and theme for Metue is custom. It was designed entirely in-house and implemented with the help of a few talented developers.


Metue strives to be a standards compliant website with validated xhtml code. We’ve made a best effort to insure the site works smoothly on Apple and Windows platforms with Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer Browsers. As browsers sometimes handle style rules and scripts differently, there is a chance that site features or design may vary. We’ve tried to the best of our ability to insure the site will function properly and look good on all of the browsers. If you notice a bug or problem please feel free to contact us using the form on the Contact Me page.    Please be as specific as possible.Feedback is also welcome.


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