person-icon    Who are you – why are you doing this?
That’s a loaded question. I guess the "Me Too" aspect of the website’s name isn’t enough of an answer?  Well, I’m someone who believes that in business and life you should pursue your passions.  I also believe it’s important to continually challenge yourself and not become complacent in your pursuits.  I’ve tried to live that philosophy in my life and my career, sometimes making unconventional choices, and they’ve led me here.  In the idea for the Metue site I saw an opportunity to blend some of my passions and interests with a new challenge, so I decided to give it a try.


I’ve been around Silicon Valley, technology and new media, for a good amount of time.   I first worked at a premier Silicon Valley law firm in the middle of the dot.com boom.  There I had the opportunity to work with many startups and established companies.  I went on to also work as an analyst, in business development, product development, product marketing and managerial roles for start-ups, and in the Venture Capital industry.  


The opportunity to experience business from the three distinct vantage points of legal, investor and operational management has been a great learning opportunity. The range of those experiences, as well as lots of time spent pursuing other interests (including things as wildly unrelated to high tech business as adventure travel, the restoration of a historic, antique home, designing and building custom furniture (which eventually I’ll get around to displaying online), and working on a novel that one day may actually get finished), give me what is, I think, a unique perspective.


Metue is a forum for broadcasting those views.  I am still early in my career and the pursuit of my goals.  I hope Metue will be a step along the meandering route that pursuit takes; but whatever the contribution, building and developing this site was an experience I wanted to have. That’s the who and the why.


small-megaphone   Words of wisdom? Any advice?    

Business and life can sometimes seem like a rat-race, or not. it’s largely, I think, a matter of outlook and perspective.  I’m at best only a barfly philosopher; any words I offered beyond that wouldn’t be worth the cocktail napkin they were written on. Since I’m not qualified to offer words of wisdom, and Metue is not a soapbox, instead, I offer  a quotation: “Enjoy every Sandwich.”  Those were the words of Warren Zevon. 


In October 2002, the offbeat and colorful Rock and Roll hall of famer was, for one night, the only guest on the Late Show with David Letterman.  At the time, Zevon, who had often been a guest band leader on the Late Show, was dying of inoperable cancer.  When asked if he had insights about life in the face of his certain, on-coming demise, Zevon answered with those words. “Enjoy every sandwich.”  So…there’s some wisdom.


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