Scorecard: HD DVD vs. BluRay, Round 1

DVD Format Wars

The holiday sales are over, the after holiday sales are on, and while the verdict on the leading standard in higher capacity, higher quality High Def DVD media remains undecided, the following is an impromptu, and largely unscientific, survey to see which format is leading.

The methodology is simple: Using Amazon’s sales rankings, I have taken titles from their sales list and compared the price and sales rank for the same title in each of the three formats: standard DVD (widescreen or fullscreen as noted), BluRay and HD DVD.

I’ve tried to pick titles that hit a mix of demographics by choosing from five categories: the romantic comedy, the sci-fi techy fantasy, the action flick, the comedy, and the drama.

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“This Just In”: coming soon from HBO

Starting notably with Terry Semel leaving Warner Brother’s and taking on the role of CEO and Chairman of Yahoo in 2001, major web properties have increasingly embraced leadership from executives developed in the ranks of traditional media.  The similarities between the two industries, and the increasing need for their two worlds to work together, makes the logic understandable; even when critics question the less entrepreneurial nature of traditional media.   

In November, Time Warner’s AOL unit, hired Randy Falco as its CEO.  Prior to his hiring Falco spent 30 years at NBC, most recently as President of the Universal Television’s Network Group.   Given the television background, it was only a short matter of time before a TV meets Internet deal happened.  

Not long after Falco’s hiring, Time Warner siblings HBO and AOL shook hands across the family dinner table and announced a deal to partner on an Internet channel called “This Just In.”

The effort is particularly notable in that it marks HBO’s first effort to play online besides at its property. Click to Read More

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