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Tivo: Q4 Earnings

Tivo (Nasdaq:TIVO), the pioneer in digital video recording, announced earnings yesterday for the quarter ended Jan 31.  The Company reported a quarterly loss of $18.7m (.19c a share) versus a loss of $21.1m (.25c a share) for the same period last year.

Net revenues were at $77.6 compared to $60.1 a year ago. Revenue excluding hardware sales, service and technology was up 22% to $57.4m

For the entire fiscal year, Tivo reported a net loss of $47m on revenue of $259m compared to a loss of $37m on revenue of $196m for the prior year.

With subscription numbers, an important metric of performance for a company like Tivo, Tivo added 101,000 net new subscribers but lost 91,000 customers previously gained through satellite TV provider DirecTV.

In various statements analysts are expressing concern about subscriber metrics.

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