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Sequel-itis: Summer Movies

The first days of spring are just here so it seems a bit premature to look ahead to summer. But summer is not too far off and with it, come the summer blockbusters – the big, spectacles that often define a movie studios financials for the year.   

In line with Hollywood’s tendency to try and milk as much from established franchises as possible, this year’s scheduled slate includes an unusually high number of sequels.  Among the highly anticipated titles there will be one Part 5, one 4th installment,  at least 6 movies which are  the 2nd sequel (or 3rd installment) and at least two true sequels (2nd installments).

Here’s a brief look at some of these titles which marketing machines have been promoting since before the holiday lights were even put away.   Here is also a look at just how lucrative the franchises have been (e.g. why they keep getting green-lighted for new installments):

(Note: These numbers, from show only the Box Office returns for the franchises, they don’t include numbers for the DVD sales and merchandising/licensing revenue which are (for most of these movies) equally substantial)


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