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CastTV: Video Search Series A

User Generated Video content uploaded onto websites like YouTube often have a limited amount of meta-data that describes what is in the video.  The absence of that data makes archiving and searching the video content somewhat difficult.

Google, and Truveo (acquired by AOL in ’06) have created tools to try and work around this.    Startup,CastTV, which hopes to compete with a solution of its own, announced a $3.1m Series A financing round yesterday.

The CastTV approach, like Truveo and others, tries to compensate for the lack of meta-data by mining surrounding text content for context.  It also indexes any available tags. The technology then takes it’s combined data and searches the web for any additional data. The whole mix is put into their index and theoretically provides more accurate results.

The company is still in early development.  A private beta test is a few months off and a commercial release not do at least until mid summer based on current press.

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