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Xbox Bargains: Microsoft Slashes Prices Internationally

xbox 360 salesSince inching into the black, Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division has continued a steady roll of progress on the strength of the Xbox 360 gaming platform.  Since its 2005 launch more than 19 million consoles have sold helping to make the entertainment and devices division the company’s fastest growing business unit.  To further drive growth and to spur wider international adoption, the company is cutting prices in select international markets.

20GB Xbox 360 packages will see a 5.1% price cut in South Korea, Hong Kong will get a 10.7% adjustment.   Taiwan is on track for a 17% discount and Singapore is slated for 10.5%.

Depending on currency, the dollar equivalent price ranges across the region will range from about $320 to $370.  (the current US price is $349.99).

With global gaming demand continuing to surge, the move can be viewed as an effort by Microsoft to increase the competition against Sony and Nintendo’s rival consoles.

"This price drop is part of Microsoft’s ongoing strategy to bring Xbox’s high-definition gaming and entertainment experience to an even wider user base," Microsoft said in a statement.

Last month Microsoft cut the prices in some European markets.


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