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iPhone gets FCC Approval

Popular Apple-tracking website Apple Insider is reporting today that a major hurdle for the on-time delivery of Apple’s iPhone has been passed without issue. Documents reprinted on Apple Insider (which can be downloaded in 4 parts from from Apple Insider’s site here, here, here and here) show that the new handset received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorization.

iphonePer the statement: “The Apple Inc. A1203 GSM Cellular Telephone with Bluetooth and Wifi, FCC ID: BCGA1203, is in compliance with the limits for general population uncontrolled exposure specified in FCC 2.1093. The device was tested according to the measurement standards and procedures specified in FCC OET Bulletin 65, Supplement C (Edition 01-01) and IEEE p1528/D1.2, April 21, 2003.”

For confidentiality reasons, Apple was able to have some schematics and exhibit notes permanently omitted from any public documents. Apple was also able to temporarily remove test photos, other images and the phones user manual.

This is a positive bit of news for Apple, and a step towards reassuring the many waiting for the device that the iPhone is, in fact, on time – a time line that yesterday was questioned following the release of what turned out to be a hoax internal document suggesting otherwise.

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