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Facebook Passes 500million Users

In February, Facebook notched more than  400m active users.  According to comScore data reported by the WSJ, the social network hit half a billion in April.

According to ComScore, worldwide Facebook had 519m visitors in April.   That staggering achievement was sufficient to make the social network the fourth largest web property in the world.  Google, at 921m was the largest followed by Microsoft at 728m and Yahoo at 588m.

Year over year Facebook has achieved growth of 69% globally.  US visitors have jumped 83%. 

Approximately 115m of Facebook’s audience is US based.  The remainder, and majority, of the site’s traffic is international.

According to Facebook’s own published statistics, more than 500billion minutes are spent on the site in a month and more than 100m active users reach the site, at least sometimes, from a mobile platform.

Facebook’s own statistics are maintained here.

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