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Microsoft in my Kitchen?

iclockLast week in response to Microsoft’s Surface Computing initiative, I haphazardly speculated on Metue about some of the future applications we might see from both Microsoft and other firms developing bleeding–edge user interfaces.  Turns out, (even though my ideas weren’t too creative a leap) some of them ideas may be closer to reality than I’d have thought.

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet earlier today wrote that Microsoft is moving forward with an effort to develop customized Windows platforms for different rooms of the home.  A kitchen focused software package seems to be the first area of focus.  She wasn’t able to get on-the-record comments from Microsoft but presumably, application layers focused on other household needs will follow too.   Maybe, not far off,  the alarm clock I dreamed about may be available.  Hopefully, I’ll have a choice of an Apple iClock   that’ll wake me with iTunes and give me a visual display of my voicemail, but a Windows Vista based model might be ok too ….. who knows. 

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