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Metue: Site Issues

As some readers have noticed, our web hosting service has had some outages this week that have caused the Metue site to be down for a few hours during the middle of the day. They were apparently having electrical power management issues in their data-center. We are told the issues are resolved but needless to say, this was cause for concern and we are proactively looking to insure it can’t happen.

Unfortunately, with attention diverted to focus on these issues, there hasn’t been time to prepare the analysis and news posts normally run. Several articles are in the works and will be up in the next day or two … taking us back to our normal schedule.

If you’ve tried to reach the site and found an error message instead, we just want to let you know we’re on top of it and the site isn’t going anywhere. We appreciate the patience. We should be back and full speed ahead by Sunday night at the latest.

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