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By the Numbers: stats from around industry

Late last night fans gathered in Fairbanks Alaska for the 102nd annual Midnight Sun baseball game. There, under the near all-day sun of the summer solstice, baseball rang in the start of summer. Summer brings baseball, and with baseball comes statistics. It’s a sport that records and tracks everything. In the same spirit, though unrelated to baseball, here are a few interesting recent stats from the media and entertainment world:

apple up     Apple is now the 3rd largest retailer of music in the United States. The Top 3 according to NPD Group are: Wal-Mart (15.8%), Best Buy (13.8%), Apple (10%), Amazon (6.7%)

headphones     72% of US online adults now listen to audio on their home computers according to a CEA survey.  But only 9% of the same survey respondents connect their PC to home audio systems.

up sign     37% of US web users between the ages of 18 and 21 create web pages, write blogs or upload videos.   70% use social networking sites.  59% read blogs, watch user generated videos or listen to podcasts.  In the age group of 22 to 26, 30% create, 57% use social  networks and 54% regularly read or watch user generated content. (source: Forrester)

btn     The Portable Devices share of the home electronics hardware market went from 52% in 2005, to 58.5% in 2006 and is forecast by the Consumer Electronics Association to break 60% for 2007.    Directly related, compact stereo sales fell 21% to sell through of $486m and car audio equipment sales fell 13% to $1.9b in 2006 and both are projected to be similarly down in 2007.

chart up     Combined spending on Web advertising and fees paid by U.S. consumers to Internet providers is forecast to reach $78.4 billion by 2011, up from $47.2 billion in 2006. (source: PriceWaterHouse Coopers)

speaker     Digital music distribution will overtake physical distribution by 2010.  Spending on CDs and LP was $9.65b n 2006 but is expected to be only $4.5b in 2011.  Downloads were $1.86b in 2006 and are expected to generate sales of $6.56b in 2011.

moneybag     $942m was invested by Venture Capitalists on content startups in 2006 (source: PriceWaterHouse Coopers)

up sign     China will have the largest geographic pool of Internet users by 2009 (source: PriceWaterHouse Coopers)

btn   80% of U.S. males ages 18 to 24 watch online videos at least once a week. A majority of Americans (52%) aged 12 to 64 go online weekly to view news and other forms of media content. (source: Frank N. Magid Associates)


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