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UPDATE: Rekindling an iPhone & Beatles Connection?

iphone beatlesWith a day and a few hours until the iPhone launch, added bits of information are trickling out that may add more credibility to speculation about a Beatles announcement being revealed alongside the iPhone – as was first theorized here on Metue (The full text of the Metue article from two days ago is here)

In addition to all the previously noted information.  Add the following two pieces, with a heavy weighting for the first:


btn    Yesterday, when Paul McCartney performed a free show at LA’s Amoeba Records, he was joined by fellow Beatle, Ringo Starr. Also present was Olivia Harrison, widow of third member George.  The set list at the show, according to Reuters, as has been the case at his other recent impromptu performances, was  “heavy on late-era Beatle’s tunes such as "Get Back," "Hey Jude," "The Long and Winding Road" and "I’ve Got A Feeling.” Two members of the band, performing the old songs? The spouse of a 3rd? And Yoko Ono, spouse of the 4th, was in LA too. That has to make you wonder.

btn    Apple held a company-wide Town Hall meeting this morning (NOTE: Metue correction: originally published post accidentally listed meeting for tomorrow) with Steve Jobs addressing the company at 11am. He reportedly hasn’t held a similar meeting since Apple’s last revolutionary release, the iPod, in 2001. Clearly, he sees the company’s User Interface advances and entrance into the phone marketplace as a defining moment for the company. That begs the question: In recent years has Apple ever allowed a defining moment to slip by without some big piece of showmanship?


Full Text of the announcing email was reported on Engadget and confirmed through multiple news channels. Below is a copy of that email:


From: Steve Jobs
Date: June 27, 2007 1:47:55 PM PDT
To: [redacted]
Subject: Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow



We’re launching the most revolutionary and exciting product in Apple’s history this Friday. And given Apple’s legacy of breakthrough products, that’s saying a lot.


I’d like to get together and share my thoughts about this amazing moment for our company. So please join me for a company-wide communications meeting tomorrow, Thursday, at 11:00AM in Town Hall.


This meeting will also be broadcast to other Apple campus locations. Please check [redacted] for details.


See you there,


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