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Warner Music and Imeem – free streams

What a difference two months makes.

Two months ago, Palo Alto based social media network Imeem was being sued by Warner Music Group for copyright infringement.  Now two months later, all is forgotten.  The suit has been dismissed.  The two are partners.

Warner Music and Imeem announced Thursday they would offer the entire Warner music and video catalog for free ad-supported streaming through imeem.  Imeem, which has about 16m active users, is focused on letting its subscribers share playlists and discover content.

Warner’s executive vice president of digital strategy and business development, Alex Zubillaga, said the deal "opens the door for Imeem and WMG to develop new strategies and products that will help introduce a more vibrant media marketplace to the social networking environment."

In exchange for the right to stream the Warner catalog, imeem will share ad revenue with the content company.  The deal will presumably be powered through Snocap which partnered with Imeem in June to provide a platform for ad-supported interactive music.

Imeem launched its web community in March 2006 and was funded by Morgenthaler Ventures and Sequoia Capital.

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