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Next Simpson’s to be Discovered Online? Aniboom hopes so

animateWill the next Simpson’s or Family Guy find its start online?  A small Israeli startup called Aniboom hopes so.

The company, which was founded a year ago and has raised about $4.5m in financing, thinks it can be an ideal venue for connecting animators and producers, and provide a forum in which new ideas can be test marketed.

If Aniboom were described as a Hollywood pitch, the kind of mashup of past hits that goes like “a cross between Princess Bride and Die Hard”, the tagline might be “YouTube meets Talent Agent.”

So far more than 2500 animators from around the globe are using the site.

The company believes their website portal will be an ideal discovery-agent for finding new talent.  With limited investment, they can screen and evaluate a wide range of content, even see how it tests on a virtual focus group (the website audience). 

They are so confident, in addition to sharing ad revenue based on popularity of clips, they are also selecting a handful of the best animators and offering them partnership incentives to create new series’.  “We will put the series all over the Web and whatever will catch will be the next hit,” CEO Uri Shinar told Reuters.  The best offerings will be syndicated and pushed forward. 

Reportedly, a dedicated YouTube channel is on track for announcement later this week. Discussions to syndicate to wireless devices are ongoing.

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