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InTru3D: Intel and DreamWorks push the 3D Agenda

intel behind dreamworksWhen watching old movies, there’s always a prominent credit for Technicolor.  When future generations look back on movies from our era, they may be shown a similar credit for Intel.   The company known for being “Inside” our computers appears to be working just as diligently “behind”the scenes of Hollywood to advance the cause of 3D-Movie Making.

At the Intel Developers conference Wednesday, the 800lb Gorilla of the chip industry reaffirmed their deal with DreamWorks Animation.  Jeffrey Katzenberg, the co founder and CEO of the studio was on hand to demonstrate what their joint venture is yielding.

Audiences on hand were treated to remastered 3D clips from Kung Fu Panda, images that will never be publicly distributed. They were also given a chance to see advance clips from DreamWorks Animation’s next feature.

The show was not the nostalgic 3D of the 50’s.  There were no cardboard glasses, nor fuzzy edges. There was no visually triggered nausea.  State of the art glasses matched with projection technology and graphic rendering delivered what’s been called, “an immersive experience.”

Major Hollywood directors from James Cameron to Steven Spielberg are working on 3D projects.  Disney’s Pixar has pledged all future animation titles starting with 2009’s “Up” will be offered in 3D.  DreamWorks Animation is scheduled to do the same.

Many of Hollywood’s biggest names think 3D movies will be a big part of the movie industry’s near-term evolution, but maybe none are greater evangelists than Jeffrey Katzenberg.  The iconic co-founder and CEO of DreamWorks is a passionate advocate for the next generation technologies.  He’s a regular speaker on the subject.   He’s even been known to take time to talk to those touring the studio facilities.

3D is Katzenberg’s cause célèbre.  In March, he told a Las Vegas convention audience that “[today’s 3d innovations are] nothing less than the greatest innovation that has happened for all of us in the movie business since the advent of color.” 

In July, he and Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini, announced their partnership at the Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference. 

As part of that deal, Intel is providing advanced processors and (eventually) multi-core chips specially adapted by Intel engineers for animation and 3d rendering.   DreamWorks, in turn, is converting its entire computing infrastructure to Intel base environments.   

"The two of us will be working together to generate new computer animation from the ground up," Renee James, head of Intel’s software and solutions group, has said.

intru3d logoNo new information on the deal was presented Wednesday beyond the official declaration of the brand’s name.  Intel is calling the fruit of the joint venture “InTru 3D.”   Apparently “Intel Behind” or “Behind the Scenes” didn’t have the right ring to it.

No question: “Brought to you in InTru 3d” will read better when the credits role.

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