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BluePulse: mobile social networking

blue pulse

For a superstitious company, taking the same office space formerly used by YouTube isn’t a bad omen.  Yesterday, Bluepulse, a provider of mobile social networking services from Australia stepped onto that four leaf clover and also announced it had closed a $6m financing. 

The company, which was founded in 2002 in Australia launched a beta version of its services last year in December.  They are now global.  Their social networking features are functional on most Internet enabled cell phones provided a customer has an appropriate data plan.

To date the company has reported more than 2million downloads of their application. In usage, they are generating more than a 100 million monthly page views.

The company’s slogan "My Place on Mobile" sounds enough like MySpace Mobile that there could be a small battle ahead, but they’ll at least now have the cash to address that if it should happen. Otherwise the buzz around the little company and its rapid growth is good.

Vantage Point led the investment round.  The headquarters for Blue Pulse will relocate from Sydney, Australia to San Mateo, California (that aforementioned lucky office space.)

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