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Applevine: Save the date, Start the Speculation

applevineApple has as devoted, outspoken, and vigilant a fan base as any tech company.  People love the products that come out of Cupertino, and maybe just as much, they love to talk about them.  It’s: What they include, what’s inside, what’s missing and what’ll come next. It’s how they look, how they function and how they match up to competition.   Apple’s marketing staff, and ring leader Steve Jobs, are not only aware of the phenomenon, they cultivate it.  In each of the past two years, Apple’s tempted audiences at their July earnings calls with news of mysterious products shifts. They’ve then scheduled a September reveal.

Since this year’s announcement (“several more wonderful new products to launch in the coming months” was part of the official word), the Applevine has been alive with rumor, gossip and speculation.  Crystal ball toting fans have forecast new Macbooks, tea leave readers have seen signs for new iPods. There’s been talk of iTunes subscription services, even a second iPhone.

Every few weeks, it seems a new batch hits the airwaves and vaults around the blogosphere.   Now, there’s a schedule for when fact will replace the fictions.  The Apple “Big Top” will open to audiences on September 9th.

Tuesday, Apple sent an email to assorted press.  The message was titled “Let’s Rock”  and the accompanying graphic  displayed an iPod listening silhouette. 

September 9th, Apple will invite us in.  September 9th, we’ll know what they’ve got going (for this round anyway). 

Until then, the speculation will continue. 

(And while it does: the consensus seems to  favor the iPods as getting a makeover thanks to the image in the news bulletin.  It’s also a reasonably sound bet that the product news will be multi-faceted.  There won’t likely be just one product line getting touched up but a couple. Leopard software news, international iPhone carrier news, and Macbook upgrades are all reasonable possibilities. The ever popular "Beatles to iTunes" rumor hasn’t surfaced for this one).

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