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Six Degrees of Electronic Arts

There are all kinds of games built around the idea of six degrees of separation.  Probably the most famous is “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” a game that challenges you to connect two actors by their co-stars to Kevin Bacon in 6 moves or less. It’s so popular, in fact, there’s even a website that will make the connections for you.    Another version of the game ought to be: Six Degrees of Electronic Arts.

The gaming industry is currently popular with investors but especially, it seems,  if a new company includes alumni from Electronic Arts.   Looking back over recent deals, the EA connection seems to be everywhere.

First, there are two newly funded companies: Media Machines and Rocketon, both have leadership schooled on the EA campus.

Media Machines, based in San Francisco, filed their Form D on August 24th.   They raised $9.4m in a round led by Mohr Davidow Ventures.  The company develops software and tools used in the creation of virtual worlds and 3D environments, notably for gaming and simulation modeling.  They were founded in 2003.  Electronic Arts Connection: Co-Founder and CEO Keith McCurdy held multiple VP rolls at EA.

Rocketon, also based in San Francisco, is developing massively multiplayer game technologies.  They’ve closed a small Series A seed round led by Bertram Ventures.  EA Connection: Naomi Kotubo, COO was a Development Director at EA.

Some of the other recently funded gaming companies, or startups,  that are easy winners in a Six degrees of  EA game:

Trilogy Studios  – founding team includes two former EA VP’s
Kongregate – CEO Jim Greer was a Sr. Manager and Technical Director at EA
Trion World Network – founder a former EA VP
38 Studios – President and CEO Brett Close was a Sr. Director of Development at EA
Metacafe - not a gaming company, but their CEO Erick Hachenburg was CEO of EA’s site as well as a SVP
Red5studios – at least a few developers stem from EA
Slipgate Ironworks – stealthy MMO game studio from John Romero (Doom, Quake) has EA connections too.

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