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Meet the New iPods: the Touch, the Classic and the Nano

ipod touchIt’s official. Steve Jobs has taken the stage. He has spoken his gospel. He has pulled back the curtain.  The revelation, the result, the much anticipated Apple announcement:  new iPods.   

As anticipated, and largely predicted (see yesterday’s odds-making) Apple unveiled a reworked iPod product line. They also announced a mobile ring tone store at iTunes and price cuts for the iPhone.

The Nano, long waiting to be re-envisioned, got its makeover.  Leaked pictures of a boxier, wider screened model proved accurate. The new Nano has a 2-inch color screen.  Storage capacity has doubled to 4GB and 8GB.  It will play video and games,support Apple’s "Coverflow" technology, come in black, red, silver, blue and green and be in stores by this weekend.  (Priced between $149 and $199)

iPod Classic:  the 5G video iPod will remain but be renamed “Classic.”  It will gain an all metal design, be thinner, and have hearty storage  (80GB or up to 160GB).  The model will sell for $249 or $349 depending on capacity.

iPod Touch, the new flagship, brings a touchscreen to the player with the same screen size as an iPhone but a thickness of just 8mm.  It will use a similar multi-touch interface to the phone.  It will also be equipped with WiFi and mini-browser version of Apple’s Safari.  Through the iPod Touch, users will be able to connect to the Internet and surf the web.  A keyboard, similar to the iPhone’s, will aid the process.  The Touch will be available in 8GB and 16GB models priced for $299 and $399.  It will ship this month.

At iTunes, there will also be changes.  Effective later today, the latest update to the site will bring 99cent ring tones and a special WiFi storefront to support the new iPod Touch.  Via the new storefront users of the iPod Touch will be able to download songs wirelessly.

Oh, and just in case that’s not enough.  The iPhone is getting a price cut.  The 4GB model will be discontinued and the 8GB model will be discounted from $599 to $399.  For those that had to have it just a few months ago, and paid the premium, that may cause some irritations.

Pictures of the new products:

The iPod Family
The iPod Touch
The iPod Nano

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