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Warner Brothers announces T-Works: the ultimate cartoon digital network

tworksScooby Doo where are you? …  on T-Works?

In what is yet another effort to cut out or at least limit the power of 3rd party Internet distributors (from YouTube to iTunes) Warner Brothers announced today they will create their own destination. 

The site, called T-Works will house their broad animation holdings.  To populate the site, they will cull from the legendary libraries of Hanna-Barbera, Looney Tunes and DC works.  Everything from Batman, to Bugs Bunny, to Scooby Doo will be at their disposal.

On the site, users will find feature cartoons, archival work, as well as a mix of interactive features and games.  A mash-up maker will allow viewers to create their own composites.  More than 125 games will be featured at launch.   At least two original programs, one based on Batman and the other based on the Wizard of Oz will also be exclusive to the site.

The focus of T-Works will not be just established, and archived, content.  It is being viewed as a broader marketing vehicle for their projects and a tool to take a better grip of the reigns over their creative.   Warner Brother’s President Alan Horn said “While the focus of T-Works is our amazing collection of animated superstars, this online destination represents much more than that. T-Works presents us with a great environment and thus a great platform to highlight many of our current projects from feature films ot made for videos, consumer products, comic books and more..”

Paul Levitz, President and Publisher, DC Comics added T-Works will give our fans new ways to connect with our characters. The DCHeroZone should be a great new destination for our fans.

T-works will primarily be ad-supported.  It is scheduled to launch in 2008. 

Other scheduled launches due around the same time include Didja, a video site showing nothing but historical and modern advertising videos ,and the newly named Hulu, a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp. (Fox).     Between the three, there should be a tremendous amount of media attention.

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