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PS3 Lite: First proof of scaled down 40GB PS3

ps3Earlier this week, Metue reported on a rumor that Sony would soon revisit its failed market segmentation efforts with the introduction of a new lower priced PS3 console.  The speculation was for a 40GB hard drive and an Xbox 360 comparable price of $399.

Now the first definitive proof such a console is in the works has been found.  An FCC filing has surfaced for a Playstation with the model designation CECHG01. 

The radio test report filing, which is part of the process of retailing the product in the U.S., seems to show a stripped down PS3.  It has fewer USB Ports, no card reader, and a smaller hard drive.  It’s anticipated this model will be in stores for the Holidays.

The eleven page FCC radio test report can be found here.  (Via Kotaku)

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