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Netflix Adds Starz

nflx-starz.jpgIf content is king, Los Gatos based Netflix seems to be moving to try and grab some sort of throne for their subscription based on-demand video distribution service – and they’re not hesitating, even in spite of the prospect that widespread consumer adoption might be years away.  Last week, the company announced catalog boosting deals with CBS and Disney.  Today, they added more film and TV content for their streaming video service through a partnership with Liberty Entertainment’s Starz.

Per disclosed terms of the deal, approximately 2,500 programs from Starz library will be added to the “Watch Now” catalog of streaming titles.   As with other “Watch Now” content, the programs will be available at no added charge for all Netflix subscribers who pay for an unlimited monthly rental program.

First run movies, which so far have had only limited representation in the 12,000 title Netflix library, will be included. (Netflix’ broader rental catalog has more than 100k titles)  Representative titles from Starz include films like Spider Man 3, No Country for Old Men, and Ratatouille.  TV shows, sports and classic titles will also be available.

Approximately 1,000 titles are live as of today.  Beginning today, the companies will also use the service to promote Starz’ upcoming TV series, Crash.  Sneak previews will be shown up until the programs premier on October 17th.  (This appears similar to NBC’s distribution of select premieres to Hulu).

In a deviation from prior deals, Netflix will also offer a Starz-play only subscription service for $7.99 a month.  The lowest priced monthly subscription for Netflix rentals and access to all Watch Now programs is $8.99.

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