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Walmart to Ring up iPhone 3G

walmart sells iphoneAs a retail brand, Walmart is as ubiquitous as any.  The chain’s stores have been the subject of movies, protests and debates, praise and condemnation. You’d have to live under a rock to never have heard of them.  The same is becoming true for Apple’s iPhone.  As a retail product, the industry-changing cell phone is well on its way to achieving a superstar level of awareness.  Now, the two will be available together.

For months there had been speculation Apple would introduce a cheaper 4GB model for sale through Walmart.  Confirming the relationship part of those rumors but debunking the rest, Walmart will join Best Buy as an distributor of the existing product line.

The company announced Friday they will begin selling the phones Sunday, December 28th.     True to the chain’s discount roots, they’ll be available at slightly reduced prices…though not by much.

The 8GB iPhone will sell for $197 and the 16GB model for $297, each a tiny, two dollar discount to Apple’s standard pricing.

In the U.S. Walmart currently runs 894 Walmart stores, 2,610 Supercenters, 599 Sams clubs and 146 “Neighborhood Market” stores.

The phones will be available at nearly 2,500 locations.

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