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Applevine Report: Netbook Rumors? U2 Leaving Apple for RIM?

apple rumors netbookApple’s said it again and again: it has little interest in the netbook category of computers at this time.  As recently as October, Steve Jobs called it a “nascent” market segment.  Still, no matter the denials or rejections, the rumors just won’t quit.   They’ve been trailing the company for months and they’re back at it again.

The latest batch took flight Monday when DigiTimes published a report saying Taiwan-based Wintek had been contracted to deliver touchscreen panels for a new netbook. The source of the claim was a report from the Chinese language publication Commercial Times.

Interesting stuff, except for one thing: by DigiTimes’ own translation, Commercial Times didn’t say “netbook.”  The Commercial Times report says only that Wintek is working on some new products. There’s no mention of what the products are.

“Wintek revealed that it is currently working with Apple to develop some new products, but it said it does not know what applications the new products are for. Wintek added that no shipment schedule has been worked out yet, but shipments are likely to begin in the second half of the year.”

For all we know, Wintek could be supplying screens for a new model iPod Touch, the next generation model of iPhone, a touch screen Macbook tablet, or something in between.  There is no size data or other information to suggest a netbook.  Could be… but as the rumors fly, the facts are still missing.

UPDATE March 11: New reports from Dow Jones and Reuters suggest the screens ordered from Wintek are 10 inch touch screens.

In more substantiated Apple news…. Long time marketing partner U2 is defecting. 

After spending years promoting iPods, even a custom branded model, the band will now explore a relationship with Apple competitor, Research in Motion.  RIM is promoting U2’s new tour.

In a statement, U2 manager Paul McGuinness said, "This tour announcement marks the first stage of a relationship and shared vision between RIM and U2 that we expect will lead to new and innovative ways to enhance the mobile music experience on the BlackBerry platform for U2 fans. We look forward to sharing more details as the relationship unfolds.”

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