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G-Phone 2 Coming Soon to the US?

The second generation of G-phone, HTC’s Magic, was revealed at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in February.  All signs indicate a stateside debut could be coming soon too.

At the end of March, versions of the new Android powered phone cleared the FCC’s certification process (copies of FCC documents here).  Now, today, T-Mobile has sent out invites for a special event to be held April 21st in New York City.

Details haven’t been provided as to what T-Mobile has planned.  It is possible the gathering is for the debut of some other phone… but the odds are high it’s Magic.

The Android market seems to be picking up speed.  The Wall Street Journal has reported HP is experimenting with the operating system for possible use in tablet PC’s.  Last week, the New York Times reported that T-Mobile is similarly looking to launch a tablet PC built with Android, along with an Android powered home phone.  

Samsung recently announced plans to ship Android-based phones this year.  Motorola  is expected to release a 2009 debut built on the Google developed operating system as well.

A feature comparison between the HTC Magic and the first G Phone, the HTC Dream, can be found here in prior Metue coverage.

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