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By The Numbers (Part 3 of 3): More Media Statistics

It’s been said that “statistics are like bikinis.  What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”  Similarly, Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed Sherlock Holmes once spouted off that it’s “a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

statsThese days there’s usual more data than there is time to process it, and much might leave even Sherlock scratching his head, still some of the raw data can be revealing.  Over the past few weeks, Metue has published two collections of raw statistics (Click for Part one and Part two). Here’s part three of the three part series showcasing a sampling of recent media statistics that to lend themselves to insights into the crossed, intersecting world of media, entertainment and technology.

(Editors Note: In future weeks, a dedicated page may be added to Metue to house more of this kind of information. Stay tuned. Several site additions are in development or under consideration ):

apple up    Americans conducted an average of 274,000 weekly iPhone-related searches since the beginning of the year. After Apple launched its ad campaign in June iPhone related search activity jumped to 704,000 searches per week versus 80,000 — 200,000 in the months prior. (Source: comScore)

up sign    US searches for the term "iPhone" increased 583 percent in the four weeks ending June 23rd, leading up to the June 29 launch date. (Source: Hitwise)

camera    With Blockbuster and Netflix battling it out, U.S. spending on online DVD rental services is expected to increase by 68% between 2007 and 2011, to $3.2 billion, or about 37.5% of the total video rental market (Source: Adams Media Research).

moneybag    The online movie rental market is projected to grow 41% this year alone, to $1.9 billion. Currently, Netflix  has  75% of this market  but Blockbuster added more subscribers (800,000) than Netflix in the first quarter of 2007.  (Source: Adams Media Research).

controller    The Nintendo Wii outsold the Sony PS3 game platform by a factor of six to one in June in Japan, moving almost 271k units to 41.6k units for the PS3 (Source: Enterbrain)

btn   In Q1 2007, Mobile TV/video subscription revenues grew 198% year-over-year to $146 million. There were 8.4 million subscribers.  Revenues for mobile audio music totaled $239 million (including ringtones and full track music). There were 27 million mobile subscribers who downloaded audio on their phones in up from 19 million  last year (Source: Telephia)

plasma    Thirty percent of U.S households have HDTV and 44 percent of owners receive HD programming (Source: CEA)

up sign    70% of Americans who use the Internet at home have broadband (high speed) connection. (Source: Pew Internet Life Project)


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