MyStrands moves to Video: Launches MyStrands.TV

mystrands.tvJoining a growing pool of “Content recommendation” or “content discovery” services, MyStrands, a music discovery service founded in 2003, today revealed their latest development: a free online music video service MyStrands.TV.

Similar to music services like Last.Fm (acquired by CBS), or newer entrant, the Filter, (or MyStrands own music tools), but geared toward music video, the site blends a mix of social networking features like tagging with behavioral tracking (e.g., reviewing the links generated between songs or videos) to generate recommendations.  It also includes a host of tools for the creation of custom groups and pages.

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Apple’s Announcement: Setting down the Odds

what’s nextTuesdays belong to Apple, like a Hallmark made holiday, they’ve staked their claim for iTunes Tuesday.  Every Tuesday, of every week, except this one.  In this holiday shortened week Apple’s taken liberties with their calendar.  While new music was revealed today, bigger things are planned for tomorrow.  This is poised to be an Apple iTunes Week.

Tomorrow, as announced and discussed a week ago, Apple will reveal its latest and greatest secret to the world.  It’s musical and beyond that, a mystery.  New iPods? The Beatles on iTunes? A ring tone store? a Nano sized iPhone?  What will it be?

Theories and speculation started the moment the news conference was announced.  With less than 24 hrs to go, the speculation has reached a frenzy.   

All will be revealed tomorrow (and then no doubt dissected from blogger to media outlet for the rest of the week) but for one more day, we speculate with some not too scientifically created odds making [Odds are based on circumstantial evidence and popularity of the prediction]

  1. New iPod Nano (odds 3:2)  
    Topping the list of most likely, as has been the case for the week, is a new line of iPod Nano’s.  Why? Click to Read More

Sony Video Download Store Coming Soon?

video futureIs Sony giving up on digital music and instead throwing its significant resources into digital video technology and video downloading services?   They have just shut down their music store; they are revealing video playing MP3 players.  Could it be?  Are they going to create a video store?

An article in the Wall Street Journal is indirectly suggesting as much.  They say CEO Howard Stringer is quietly preparing for a big move.  They hint at news to come.  A competitor to Apple’s iTunes… From Sony? One wonders.

The Journal’s story is big on speculation (fueled by potentially compromised “people close to the situation”) and light on facts.   Still,  there are more than enough  bits of innuendo and circumstantial evidence floating around to suggest the article may not be off the mark even if support is lacking.

Here is a look at a few of the reasons, arguments, and the circumstantial evidence:

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Six Degrees of Electronic Arts

There are all kinds of games built around the idea of six degrees of separation.  Probably the most famous is “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” a game that challenges you to connect two actors by their co-stars to Kevin Bacon in 6 moves or less. It’s so popular, in fact, there’s even a website that will make the connections for you.    Another version of the game ought to be: Six Degrees of Electronic Arts.

The gaming industry is currently popular with investors but especially, it seems,  if a new company includes alumni from Electronic Arts.   Looking back over recent deals, the EA connection seems to be everywhere.

First, there are two newly funded companies: Media Machines and Rocketon, both have leadership schooled on the EA campus.

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Newly Funded Files: Trilogy Studios and Jacked Get Capital

calcGoing into the holiday weekend, two Santa Monica companies joined the ranks of the newly funded.  Jacked, an interactive Internet TV-companion platform has raised $6.5m and gaming company Trilogy Studios has closed a $3.2m second round.

Trilogy Studios was founded in 2005 by gaming industry veterans. Click to Read More

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